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About Us

Internet Broadcasting adds a worldwide dimension to family oriented Radio. Unfettered by the restraints of conventional "On Air" broadcasting with regards to range and demographics, Internet Radio can be received anywhere. If you have a computer with sound capability and an Internet connection, you are all set to listen. Signal transmission is FM quality and a listener hundreds of miles away will enjoy the same sound quality as someone near our station. And with the availability of Podcasting, you can listen to your favorite shows anytime you wish and never miss an episode. "Real Time" music, News and Talk Radio is also available on our website via satellite from our affiliates such as The Talkstar Radio Network.

Old Dominion Broadcasting maintains a strict policy regarding its programming. All programming carried on our stations must be "family friendly" with something for every member of the family. We adhere to sound ethics and quality broadcasting standards. Suggestive material of any kind or potentially offensive programming is strictly prohibited.