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With the busy schedules and lifestyles of our listeners listening to one's favorite program when it is broadcast is sometimes a problem. In response to overwhelming requests and in a continuing effort to provide the best possible programming and services to our listeners, Old Dominion Broadcasting will soon be switching from continuous "real time" streaming audio to an all PODCAST format for our Internet Stations. This will allow you to listen to your favorite programs whenever you choose and offer the ability to download all our shows to your PC or portable mP3 player and listen on the go. This new change will also allow you to access previous episodes of your favorite shows that you may have missed. Our regular programming will not change except for the music side. In addition to our PODCAST programs, you will now be able to choose your favorite music genre from a list of our affiliate stations and still listen to "real time" music streaming on the Internet. Instead of listening to only one style of music you will now be able to listen to "what you want, when you want" to suit your every mood. As with food products that offer "new flavors" for variety; we are now going to offer "new flavors" of music genre for your listening enjoyment. Keep checking this NEWS page for further updates.

NEWS Release

Old Dominion Broadcasting is pleased to announce that we are now a member of the Talkstar Radio Network and will soon be offering a variety of new talk programming including U.S. Radio News every hour. Live programs will be available from our website by clicking on the flashing "ON AIR" button soon to be available. Keep checking this page for the latest news on Talkstar.

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